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Cute Printable Mini-Books for Kids

I think I have fallen for printables during Covid lockdowns… I was working from home while trying to get my then 4yo to engaging activities… You can estimate my chances 😂

I was looking for printable activities, scholastic printables, used LEGO blocks… and ordered tons of children’s books online 😁

Now, besides explaining why printable mini-books are great resources, I am adding our favorite mini coloring books to this post so that you can print and use it with your kids this summer as well 😊

Simple Parenting Time Holiday Guidelines and Schedule

Simple Parenting Time Holiday Guidelines and Schedule

Navigating parenting time schedules after a divorce can feel like assembling a complex puzzle, especially when the holidays roll around. However, having a clear and consistent parenting time schedule is crucial for everyone involved.

This does not mean that you can not change the schedule with a mutual agreement! Parents remain partners in parenting even after getting separated, so whenever they can agree on solutions that are considering the best possible interests of all the involved parties (especially the kids!), then no one cares what is written in the agreement 😊

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