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Last minute Father’s Day DIY gift

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Handmade Gifts from Kids: Meaningful DIY Ideas for Special Occasions

Handmade gifts from kids are always special. The way they start to think about what the other likes, what color should be used, and what would make him or her happy is always melting my heart 😊

The thought and effort they put into creating something for their loved ones is truly heartwarming. Not only are these gifts personal and unique, but they also provide an opportunity for the kids to express their creativity and show their love and appreciation.

We like pretty much preparing small DIY gifts for family birthdays, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day… However, I prefer to avoid overcomplicating it – honestly, some first really nice ideas turned out fast that it will be Mom finishing the job πŸ˜…

So now I focus on what my daughter can do by herself, and just give the materials and the hints needed. Even if the project is not exactly what you would see on Pinterest, it is something she put together with all her love and enthusiasm. So I think absolutely worth it 😊

If your kid is old enough to grab a crayon, a small DIY coloring book with some nice quotes could become a perfect little handmade gift for Father’s Day!

Father's Day Coloring Book

In this blog post, we will explore the beauty of simple do-it-yourself (DIY) gifts that kids can create independently, with a focus on a delightful DIY coloring book with inspirational quotes for Father’s Day.

Embracing Simplicity in DIY Gifts

While it’s tempting to get carried away with complex craft projects, sometimes it’s best to embrace simplicity. As a parent, I have learned that providing children with the necessary materials and gentle guidance allows them to take ownership of their creations.Β 

It’s perfectly okay if the end result doesn’t match a Pinterest-perfect image; what truly matters is the love and effort poured into the project. By simplifying the process, we encourage our kids to explore their creativity and gain confidence in their abilities.

The Joy of a DIY Coloring Book

For Father’s Day, a wonderful handmade gift idea that kids can easily create is a DIY coloring book with delightful quotes. This project not only allows children to showcase their artistic skills but also offers a meaningful way to celebrate and honor their fathers. To get started, gather some blank sheets of paper, crayons or markers, and inspiring quotes that resonate with the father figure in their lives. Encourage your child to choose quotes that capture their feelings and appreciation.

Creating the DIY Coloring Book

To create the DIY coloring book, fold the sheets of paper in half and secure them together with staples or string. Your child can then start illustrating each page with the chosen quotes. Encourage them to use vibrant colors and let their imagination run wild. The imperfections and childlike charm of their drawings add to the uniqueness of the gift.Β 

Remember, the goal is not to create a professional masterpiece but to create something heartfelt and personal.

Adding a Personal Touch

To make the DIY coloring book even more special, encourage your child to include personal touches. They can write a heartfelt message on the first page, expressing their love and gratitude for their father. Additionally, they can incorporate memories, inside jokes, or family photos into the pages. These personal touches will make the gift even more meaningful and cherished.

The Value of Handmade Gifts

In a world filled with store-bought presents, handmade gifts stand out for their unique charm and sentimental value. Handmade gifts from children not only demonstrate their creativity and thoughtfulness but also teach them the importance of giving from the heart. These gifts become cherished keepsakes that fathers will treasure for years to come, serving as a constant reminder of their child’s love.

If your kids are younger, or you are really at the very last minute, you can choose to use my template with “built-in” quotes and coloring pages.Β 

You only need one sheet of paper and a few cuts and folds and your Little One can start coloring right at the moment and the handmade gift will be ready in no time ????


Handmade gifts created by children hold a special place in the hearts of their recipients. The simplicity and thoughtfulness behind these DIY projects make them even more meaningful. By encouraging our kids to create from the heart, we foster their creativity, boost their self-esteem, and teach them the value of giving. So this Father’s Day, embrace the beauty of simplicity and help your child create a DIY coloring book with inspirational quotes.

Celebrate the love and admiration they have for their father, and let their creativity shine through this heartfelt gift!

If you would like a template to this one-page mini coloring book, just drop your e-mail address below, and I will send that to you! πŸ˜‰

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