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Bucket list with kids for the summer

Great ideas for summer days just pop up sometimes, but "obviously" not when you need them the most 😅

A few years ago I decided to note down when something important, or interesting comes to my mind... well, I had a teacher in primary school always telling "those lacking good memory should have a notebook at least", apparently she already knew something about being a Mom trying to organize everything by herself... 😀

Bucket lists are great, making a bit more challenging, fun, and organized those activities that you would do anyway together with your Little One - if they come into your mind in due time 😅

What can also be good options if you wish to have regular new ideas are kids' subscription boxes! It is such a different feeling to wait for the new surprises to arrive than buying all the staff directly!

But in any way, I decided to prepare a short "bucket list" for those days when we could use some hints 😊
  1. Sleep in a tent
  2. Go for a night excursion with a torch
  3. Walk barefoot on grass
  4. Build a sand-castle
  5. Make lemonade
  6. Watch sunrise and sunset
  7. Help a friend with tasks around the house
  8. Eat corn on the cob
  9. Play badminton 
  10. Read a book lying on the grass
  11. Paint rocks
  12. Listen to music in the open air
  13. Have breakfast on your balcony or terrace
  14. Dance in the rain
  15. Prepare home-made ice cream
  16. Watch meteor-shower
  17. Batik a T-shirt
  18. Organize a BBQ
  19. Make a photo of a rainbow
  20. Play jump rope with friends
  21. Eat watermelon
  22. Bake cookies and give some to the neighbors too
  23. Visit an interesting sight nearby (even more fun by a scooter!)
  24. Visit a long-lost relative or friend
  25. Go on a bike trip

Below, there is a shorter version of the bucket list that can be printed and marked when done as well, feel free to use it, so as the hints on the site! 😉

summer top 10 to do list

If you are planning a shorter or longer trip during vacation, do not forget to think in advance, and prepare with some travel time activities too! Or even teach your kids to pack for themselves 😉 They are really smart, and it is such a big win for everyone! 

Traveling abroad with a baby can be challenging, but totally worth the hustle, just follow these guidelines and enjoy your vacation!

With some organization, you will surely have a great and more relaxed time together!😊


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