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Board Games For Family Bonding

Board Games For Family Bonding

Family bonding is something everyone looks forward to. The little ones love getting into the holiday spirit and playing board games with their family. Board games can help you bond with your family in a fun and interactive way. Themed cards or Christmas edition board games are perfect for this season! 

One of my favorite childhood memories is the "endless" Winter Holiday, when we were all together for days, playing board games and eating Christmas cookies... 😊 

Even as an adult, staying up late on Christmas Eve and playing Risk with my family is something I am already looking forward to 😁

Quality time together

Winter is coming and with it, family bonding time.😊

Playing board games with family can be a great way to spend quality time together. But it doesn't have to be just one-on-one time. You can play together and have fun while being part of a team. Learn how playing board games can help your family grow closer together, whether you are a Mom or Dad trying to connect with your children or just need some bonding time with your loved ones.

Board games for children who are learning to read, or already reading are great educational tools that can help cultivate their interest in reading, math, and even geography!

family paying board game

Family Board Games

Are you looking for some new board games to play with your family and friends? Is there a game that you have always wanted to try, but never had time for? These are just some of the questions I ask myself every year when Christmas approaches. I'm going to help you find some great games this year!


is a classic game that has been played for decades. It's easy to learn and the rules are simple enough that even kids can figure them out. It has various versions that you can choose from - but my personal favorite apparently remains the Classic one 😊


ooooh that is a great one too, we also played this a lot with our cousins - even during summer holidays!  The aim is to buy land, build buildings, put hotel entrances on the board, and charge the others for the nights spent at your fantastic hotel. 😁 The best thing about it is that you are setting up your hotel in 3D! You have little cardboard buildings, that look really great when finally put on the board 😊 There are "built-in cheating options" if you have "creative" kids, and eg. forget to tell you that they are stepping to your entrance (and should pay you some fee), instead become reeeeally polite and hand you the dice to go on with your turn. Well, true story😅


is also an extremely popular board game. It's great for two players and can be played with up to six people at once if necessary. The object of the game is to make words from your tiles by placing them on the board in any way possible without creating duplicate letters or using any more than one letter per turn. The rules are simple to learn, but it's got enough strategy involved that you can play for hours without ever getting bored.


is another classic board game, that can be played by just about anyone, including children. The object of the game is to conquer the world by invading other territories by rolling dice and moving troops around the world map grid made up of territories controlled by other players or neutral areas where no one can move their armies until they have conquered all these territories first. We played Risk most Christmas Eves with my family - what a "peaceful" game 😅🙈

Game of Life

is also a classic one. What made this unique when I was a child was the spin instead of dice. This game is pretty easy to follow, at all steps the board is marked with instructions for the players. There are some decision points, to make it a bit "strategic" game, but in general, it is great from a young age - and also as it can be finished in a reasonable time! Hint for Moms willing to keep game nights still a bit organized and not messing fully up the daily routine 😏


is a classic family card game (well not a board game, but worth mentioning) that's been around for decades and is still popular today. In short: each player gets 7 cards and the aim is to be the first one who gets rid of all. I just found a site that lists 500+ UNO variations with different characters and designs! We have the Junior version, which is easier for little kids, but you can jump to whichever "normal" version and design you like as kids get a bit older 😉


is another timeless favorite for families - it's easy to learn and easy to play (and if you have an older child who isn't interested in winning anymore, then just change your rules so they don't have to). Dominoes are also great for using them as building blocks! My Daughter loves to create houses with her Grandpa to little toys using dominoes 😊 Let imagination bring you new ideas and connect members of your family no matter what ages.

New Family Tradition

Have a new family tradition this Christmas! Organize a family game night! 

Santa might bring some Christmas-themed games that are fun to play with and spend time together.😉 Children can enjoy Christmas trivia or card games like Exploding Kittens, but you can choose easier games if you have younger kids. 

I even created a Miraculous Ladybug themed super simple board game for my Daughter once!🙈 So no need to break the bank, if you want to use the Winter Holiday to create some family bonding time 😁

If your kids are into crafting you can prepare your own family board game, and let the play begin!

Would like to get more quality family time activity ideas?

Download Your Winter Checklist for Finding More Family Quality Time!


  1. Anonymous10/26/2022

    We love game nights, especially when we go camping.

  2. My family plays many of these games, they are so much fun! Playing games is a great way to spend time together as a family and kids can learn so much.

    1. Yes exactly, thanks for sharing your experiences! :)


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