Productivity Hacks for Working Moms

Productivity Hacks for Working Moms (I.)

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I had some great discussions with friends lately and we agreed that increasing productivity (=finally getting things done), and achieving personal goals can really help us to have a more relaxed and happy life 😊

So I decided to write a 5 article series, focusing on productivity in different life situations. I hope you will find it useful 😊

Let’s start with Productivity Hacks for Working Moms!

The Challenge: Navigating Full-Time Work and Family Commitments

Balancing a full-time job and family commitments is a real challenge for working moms. Every day involves managing work tasks and family time, making it a bit like juggling. It requires careful planning and finding the right balance between job responsibilities and family needs.

And according to my experiences, it can be extremely tough for maximalist moms to accept, that 100% simply can not be given every time and everywhere. This is something I learned the hard way (or I would say I am still learning) and would encourage you to accept it sooner than I did. πŸ˜…

However, productivity solutions can provide a structured framework, empowering working moms to navigate their schedules – and get a bit closer to that unreachable 100%. 😊

Let’s dive into some of the productivity hacks that can help working moms make their days smoother!

Hack 1: Have Routines (Literally for Everything)

Routines make family life easier no matter if mom is working or not. However, for working moms striving for productivity, having routines is a must!

  • Routines provide a structured framework that allows working moms to allocate time efficiently. Establishing set times for essential activities, such as waking up, getting ready for work, and family meals, helps optimize the daily schedule.
  • Following a routine minimizes the need for constant decision-making, which can be mentally taxing. By automating certain aspects of their day, working moms can conserve mental energy for more critical tasks at work and be present with their families.
  • Routines create a sense of predictability and stability for the whole family. Knowing what to expect at specific times fosters a reassuring environment, particularly for children, reducing stress and creating a sense of security.

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  • Moving between different roles and responsibilities can be challenging for working moms. Routines facilitate smoother transitions, helping to switch from work mode to family mode and vice versa, reducing the likelihood of feeling overwhelmed or scattered.
  • Routines can incorporate moments for self-care. Allocating time for exercise, relaxation, or personal hobbies within the daily routine allows moms to prioritize their physical and mental health.

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Setting up a daily routine for the family involves careful planning and consideration of everyone’s needs and commitments.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you establish an effective family routine:

  1. Identify Priorities: Determine the key priorities and goals for your family, considering work, school, and other commitments.
  2. Create a Shared Calendar: Develop a family calendar that includes everyone’s schedules, using either a physical or digital format.
  3. Establish Wake-Up and Bedtime Routines: Set consistent wake-up and bedtime routines to provide structure and ensure adequate rest for all family members.
  4. Designate Time Blocks: Divide the day into blocks of time and assign specific activities, such as work, meals, family time, and breaks.
  5. Trial and Adjust: Implement the routine as a trial, observing what works well and making adjustments based on family feedback and experiences. Regularly revisit and adapt the schedule as needed.

Hack 2: Delegate and Share Responsibilities

Delegate specific tasks to family members based on their abilities and interests, promoting a sense of shared ownership. Establish clear communication about expectations, and encourage open discussions to ensure a collaborative and supportive environment.

Getting your kids involved in daily chores is a great way to teach them responsibility. It also helps them learn to be more independent!

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Sharing responsibilities is important in every family and community, however, it is crucial for working moms. Do not try to do everything by yourself! You work during the whole day, and you also deserve some rest and quality time with your loved ones.

You can also schedule regular family planning meetings to discuss upcoming events, commitments, and shared goals. Use this time to align schedules, coordinate responsibilities, and address any challenges or adjustments needed. A weekly planning session enhances communication, ensures everyone is on the same page, and promotes a collaborative approach to managing work and family commitments.

Hack 3: Use These Tools for Productivity

You can leverage a variety of printable and digital tools to enhance productivity.

Printable Tools:

  1. Planners and Calendars: Printable daily, weekly, or monthly planners help working moms organize tasks, appointments, and goals. Sections for work, family, and personal commitments assist in managing a balanced schedule.
  2. To-Do Lists: Simple to-do lists organized by priority and category are effective for tracking tasks. Printable templates with checkboxes provide a visual way to mark off completed items.
  3. Meal Planners: Weekly meal planners assist in organizing family meals. These printables can include space for meal ideas, and grocery lists, to make your life easier.
  4. Family Chore Charts: Printable chore charts encourage shared responsibilities within the family. Assigning tasks and tracking completion fosters a collaborative approach to maintaining a tidy home.
  5. Goal Setting Worksheets: Worksheets that guide goal setting, both short-term and long-term, help working moms define and prioritize objectives. These can include professional, personal, and family-related goals.

⇨ Check out my Printable Planners, Calendars, To-Do Lists, and Chore Charts on Etsy and start using them today!

Digital Tools:

  1. Calendar Apps: Digital calendar apps such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, or Microsoft Outlook allow working moms to sync schedules, set reminders, and share events with family members for coordinated planning.
  2. Task Management Apps: Apps like Todoist, Trello, or Asana help organize and prioritize tasks. You can create separate boards or lists for work, personal projects, and family activities.
  3. Meal Planning Apps: Digital meal planning apps like Mealime or Plan to Eat provide recipes, generate shopping lists, and assist in organizing weekly meal plans efficiently.
  4. Note-Taking Apps: Apps like Evernote or Microsoft OneNote are helpful for jotting down ideas, making lists, and keeping track of important information. Syncing across devices ensures access from anywhere.
  5. Family Communication Apps: Messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Slack facilitate quick communication with family members, enabling easy coordination and updates on schedules and commitments.
  6. Expense Tracking Apps: Apps like Mint or PocketGuard assist in managing family finances. Track expenses, set budgets, and receive alerts for better financial organization.
  7. Health and Fitness Apps: Apps like MyFitnessPal or 7 Minute Workout offer quick and convenient ways for working moms to manage their health and fitness routines amidst busy schedules.

Utilizing a combination of printable and digital tools can be really useful to tailor your productivity strategy to your own preferences and needs, and to create a more organized and efficient daily routine.


Use these productivity hacks dedicated to working moms and have a more organized, productive, and happy life. You can also try to learn from my example and stop striving to give 100% every time and everywhere… we are humans, and simply doing our best should be enough!

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