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The Best Printable Planner Inserts for You and Your Family

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Why do I love printable planner inserts? Well, I am definitely a paper-and-pen type when it comes to planning and keeping my to-do lists up-to-date. Even though I embrace technology, and use various apps (eg. for budgeting), I always have a physical notebook and a new planner in every January on my desk…

This really helps with productivity!

Printable planner inserts offer several advantages that make them such a popular choice, these are the top 3 advantages according to my experiences:

  1. Customization: Printable planner inserts provide a high level of customization. As there is no physical product shipped (well, this might also be considered 100% free shipping😁), you can choose the specific pages and layouts to print only those that suit your needs. This allows you to create a planner that aligns perfectly with your preferences and organizational style.
  2. Cost-Effective: Printable planner inserts are often more cost-effective than pre-made planners. Once purchased, you can print as many copies as they need, making it a budget-friendly option in the long run. Especially when using undated monthly, weekly, or daily planner pages.
  3. Immediate Access: Printable inserts are usually available for download immediately after purchase. The best part is that this quick access allows you to start planning without having to wait for shipping or visiting a physical store.

Free Printable Planner Inserts

Besides sharing our best family, parenting, and self-care hints with you on my blog, I am also enjoying developing printables – and offering some (personal use) free printables for my readers!

What can you find among the Printables on The Organized Family Blog?

  • cleaning inserts
  • meal planning
  • fitness habit trackers
  • budget planner

And I also wrote an e-book about “Home Organization Hacks for Busy Parents” that might come in handy for you!

Undated Planner Inserts

One of my most popular designs is my Free Undated Planner, which comes with monthly planner pages, weekly planner inserts as well as daily planner pages as a printable PDF download.

You can sign up for my email list and download it right now for free! And you can print new inserts in the new year without needing to search for new, different planners.

Undated Freebie Square 1

I also have Printable Undated Planners in 3 styles (with decorative stickers), available in different sizes (A4 and US Letter Size) in The Organized Family Etsy Shop!

Pastel Undated Planner
Minimalist Undated Planner
Colorful Undated Planner

You can use the code “FAMILY30” to get a 30% discount from the regular price with your first order!

Why Undated? Well, I love calendars too (have one on my desk as well), but undated planners have some special advantages:

  1. Less Pressure: Dated planners can sometimes create pressure to adhere strictly to the pre-set schedule. Undated planners provide a more relaxed approach, allowing you to plan and organize your time without the stress of meeting specific date-based expectations.
  2. Reusable: Undated planners can be reused for multiple years, reducing the need to purchase a new planner annually. This not only saves money but also contributes to a more sustainable approach by minimizing paper waste.
  3. Freedom to Experiment: You can experiment with different planning styles, layouts, and formats without feeling constrained by pre-set date structures. This freedom allows you to find a planning system that works best for your preferences.

Classic Happy Planner Inserts

After becoming a mom, I learned the hard way that at some point I really need to prioritize my own self-care and happiness as well! I have always loved journaling, so preparing a happy planner and using it on a daily basis seemed to be a great idea. And I still love it!

And made 2 more designs…  you can check these on Etsy too! I initially used the floral happy planner, but will possibly print this year the pastel one.

Which do you like the most?

Floral Journal
Pastel Journal
Minimalist Journal

And for more self-care hints, check my posts dedicated to this topic!

Honestly, I still find it a lot easier to write about parenting and family management… but organizing my ideas about self-care at least helps to focus on it from time to time! 😅

By the way, I also made a Daily Journal For Kids with super cute dots-to-dots and coloring pages.

My Daughter loves it!

Travel Planners

I love traveling. I feel miserable when I have no future excursions or trips in my mind. 😂

But seriously, traveling starts with daydreaming about it, and right after, you start planning… at least this is my case!

So it was pretty obvious that sooner or later I would be designing our own Travel Planners. I am using the colorful, “cartoon” version, and now I am on the way to developing a Travel Journal for Kids (first testing it with my Daughter)!

If you would be interested in that and would like to receive shop updates, you can sign up for my mailing list, or just drop me a few lines so that I can inform you when it is ready for purchase or about any other “new arrivals”.

You can check my Travel Planners in 3 designs (all come both in A4 and US Letter Size): cute colorful cartoon style, pastel design, and minimalist version.

Cartoon Travel Planner
Pastel Travel Planner
Minimalist Travel Planner

What are some advantages of Printable Travel Planners?

  1. Tailored Sections for Key Information: Travel planners often include dedicated sections for crucial travel information, such as flight details, accommodation reservations, and daily itineraries. This ensures that users can organize and access essential information in a structured and efficient manner.
  2. Packing Lists: Printable travel planners can have dedicated sections for packing lists you can tailor for different types of trips (e.g., beach vacation, business trip, hiking adventure). These lists assist travelers in preparing for their journey by ensuring they pack all necessary items.
  3. Reusable for Multiple Trips: Printable travel planners are designed to be reusable. You can print multiple copies or save digital versions for various trips, providing a sustainable and long-lasting planning solution.

As my Daughter is growing, I feel easier and easier to organize our trips – of course, it really helps that we do not need to pack the full house now for a one-night stay…

But what was also a game changer was when I started to get her involved in packing her own luggage! She enjoys that so much, that she got upset with me at one of our previous trips as I was packing for her as well!

She asked me to wait for her any time in the future as she wants to pack all her things in. 😅

If you are interested in how to teach your kids to pack for vacation, you can check my hints in this post!

And you can also buy our winter or summer packing lists, which I specially designed for kids!

Winter Packing list
Summer Packing list


Printable Planner Inserts can help your life and family get organized in an easy, sustainable, and fun way.

Do you have favorite printables?

Or are you desperately searching for some kind of printable planner inserts that you can not find anywhere? 

Send me a message and let’s discuss it! I would love to hear from you!

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