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Welcome to The Organized Family Blog!

I am Sophia, an economist and project manager by profession. I love thinking in structures and figuring out smart solutions to whatever challenges I need to face.

I am a working Mom of a fantastic Little Girl. Balancing family life and managing various parenting situations are part of our daily challenges.

I started to learn about web and graphic design in 2020 and as my Little One grows, we use more and more printables for organizing, motivating, rewarding, keeping track of chores, and learning about time….

I believe in “lifelong learning”, so I recently joined a course, taught by Professor Kazdin (Yale University) about “Everyday Parenting”!

I am happy to share with you what we have figured out so far!

Check out our hacks and printables and have more fun organizing your home & family!

Fun facts about me

  • I lived in France for a while during University.
  • I love traveling, but I am scared of flying.
  • I prefer tea to coffee.
  • I had 5 wisdom teeth (well, it was not that fun to get rid of them).

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